Get To Know Our Team Of Professional Coaches


Owner, Head Coach

Josh is a local, grew up in the Gaithersburg, MD and went to high school in Rockville, MD. As he moved through high school & into college, he noticed that local residents were becoming fed-up with weight loss gimmicks, diets that weren’t sustainable long-term, templated group-workout programs, and people trying to figure it all out on their own alone at the big-box gyms. 

He would hear that local professionals were seeking high quality fitness and nutrition services, but had yet to find an affordable approach that combined the individualization of personal training & a professionally designed nutrition protocol, combined with the supportive environment & accountability of a group training facility. 
OPEX Shady Grove was started to serve as a powerful medium to bridge the gap between personalized fitness and high-level nutrition coaching, a service that has yet to be offered in this area. Having grown up in the area, Josh is excited to come back to the area and bring cost-effective, small group personal training to the Montgomery County area. 
Josh is on a personal mission to bring transformational results to each client, create long-lasting community relationships, and have fun along the way all in service of creating a healthier, happier, and more vibrant local population.


Head Nutrition Coach

Kayla has over 10 years of coaching experience in functional fitness as a CrossFit Level 1 Coach as well as having earned her Precision Nutrition Level 1 & Level 2 certifications. Kayla is currently working on completing her OPEX CCP L1 certification as well.

After obtaining a masters degree in Exercise Science at the George Washington University and spending nearly a decade in the sport of competitive running and triathlon both as an athlete and triathlon coach, Kayla knows what truly drives change and transformation.

Kayla believes transformation comes from much more than achieving a particular outcome. The journey is far more important than any particular destination. She believes (and so do we!) that “success” in health and wellbeing is about achieving consistency in fitness and nutrition habits so that you actually enjoy what you’re doing in the gym and the love foods you’re eating.
Kayla is a powerful force in helping clients live an inspiring life through fitness. To Kayla, her job is about making sure that each client feels like working with her is a celebration of health, fitness and fun– a celebration that culminates in falling in love with the process.


Floor Coach

Nick comes to us from Miami, Florida, where he spent most of his childhood playing organized sports, specifically basketball and soccer. He discovered functional fitness while still in high school where he started his first job as a CrossFit Kids coach.

Nick’s love for health & fitness continued in college where he received his B.S. in Applied Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology from the University of Florida. After graduating, he operated a functional fitness facility in Gainesville, Florida and later back in Miami. While in Florida, Nick worked with clients ranging from 4 to 75 years old and experience levels of beginner to former collegiate athletes.

While initially Nick worked with clients in group-training facilities, he found his love for the individualized approach to fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coaching most appealing, which led him to the OPEX coaching & gyms model. Nick believes that understanding your individual goals is the key to figuring out how to build a sustainable and enjoyable health & fitness routine.

Nick has nearly 10 years of coaching experience & is currently working to complete his OPEX CCP Level 1 and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certifications as well.